Cycling on Dartmoor

"Cycle tracks will abound in Utopia" — H.G. Wells

Biking. It’s one of the first big achievements we have as children. And it is something we can continue to enjoy into old age. It keeps you fit, gets you outdoors and sends endorphins rushing to the brain; which is a surefire route to happiness.

Dartmoor is the place to do it; with spectacular scenery everywhere you look, mile upon mile of quiet wilderness (plus some ponies) and welcoming spots to take a break (pubs), there is nowhere better. So what are you waiting for? Get on your bike.

Whether you are a passionate pedaller or a casual cyclist, Dartmoor has the route for you; winding country lanes with little or no traffic, challenging inclines and dramatic descents. You will see the remains of ancient stoneage villages, cross rivers and streams, pass clapper bridges and standing stones.

There are 368 square miles of Dartmoor to discover and bike is a good way to do it; you will cycle in the shadow of the tors, look down on the Devon cities of Exeter in the north and Plymouth in the south, and catch the glisten of the sun on the turquoise sea in the east.

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